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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a set?

Most of our editions are numbered and limited in size. When you purchase a limited edition firearm directly from Historical Armory, you become the owner of a specific number within that edition. Most editions are offered on more than one specific firearm model. Once you own an edition number, ONLY YOU can purchase the other specific firearm models in your number within a limited edition. Purchase every model of your number in a limited edition and you own a complete set!

You can be a buyer of more than one edition number in a limited edition.

When adding to your set, be sure to place your order over the phone. The website isn’t smart enough to know you have already started a set.


How do I know which firearm models are offered in a limited edition?

Find the webpage featuring your edition. View the pull-down menu under “Select Firearm.”

The pull-down menu will give you a list of all the specific models that make up a complete set for your limited edition.