Easy Pay Policy

No Interest Easy Pay Available!

Service Fee: $50.00 non-refundable

Down Payment: The initial minimum down payment per firearm is $145.00 non-refundable.

Plan Policies: Future Easy Pay automated payments will be processed from your credit/debit card at the intervals determined in your Authorization Agreement. When you choose Easy Pay, you commit to paying the full price of your product, and you agree to have funds available on or before the installment due dates outlined in your Authorization Agreement.

If your credit/debit card changes for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible so your order can stay on schedule. It is the customer’s responsibility to make monthly payments and to inform Historical Armory Inc. of any credit/debit card changes.

If your payment is declined, we will attempt to reach you and make other payment arrangements. If we cannot reach you, then we will cancel your order and refund your payment(s) to your mailing address (less the Easy Pay Service Fee of $50 and the initial Easy Pay Down Payment of $145.00 per firearm).

We may refuse Easy Pay customer eligibility at any time without prior notification.

Inquire about the current engraving turnaround schedule when you near full payment.

If you would like to make a full payment for the balance of your order, please call us at 1-877-484-0179 to arrange to pay the balance.


Cancellation on the Easy Pay Payment Plan: Your firearm(s) will be engraved after being paid in full. Our Cancellation Policy will apply once firearms are paid in full.


Change Orders on the Easy Pay Payment Plan: All change orders will incur an immediate $150 fee. Once your order has been paid in full, you will be unable to change your order. Please see our Change Orders Policy for further information.