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Personalization Options

Personalization is always available from Historical Armory.

Make your rifle truly a “one-of-a-kind”. Add personalization wording of your own to the rifle. Use the area reserved for family names, important dates, or heartfelt dedications. Or perhaps use the area for a favorite quote such as a reference to the Second Amendment, a quote from an historical figure, etc. The possibilities are endless. 


For most rifle editions, a personalization is engraved on the left side of the stock. The wording you provide will be integrated into the custom artwork template designed for the particular edition ordered. Below are three examples that show the templates for one, two, or three lines of personalization wording on our popular county editions.


We charge a flat fee of $65 per firearm whether you engrave one, two, or three lines of wording. To personalize your firearm, choose this option during checkout. We will contact you for the wording detail after we receive your online order. For most templates, the space limitation is 30 spaces per line.

engraved rifle personalization options


Logos and Custom Artwork

Historical Armory can customize your rifle further with company logos, brands, or individualized artwork. To personalize your firearm with custom artwork, please call 1-877-484-0179 for details. We offer this service for an additional fee.