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  • Lawdawgs 485 MP Company

Lawdawgs 485 MP Company

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ORDER DELIVERY TIME- Depending on firearm model and time of year, most orders will ship within 6 to 8 weeks. For current delivery times and special delivery options, call 877-484-0179 or email info@historicalarmory.com.

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    In honor of you who protect our nation and serve with pride, Historical Armory, Inc. is extremely proud to present the Lawdawgs 485 MP Co Edition. This edition is available on the Citadel 1911. ACT NOW, because this group order is closed after July 2, 2017.


    It is to your advantage to order with the group. We are able to discount the purchase price significantly by processing the custom edition as a group. Once the edition is closed (payments have been received in full) we order all of the group firearms at one time, engrave them all at one time, and finally ship them all at one time to one of the two transfer dealers. Our savings has been passed onto you in the form of the discounted group price.





    Each Lawdawgs 485 MP Co firearm features the following:
    • Engraving on both sides of the slide and grips.
    • Your choice of TOP line wording on the left slide, OEF 16-17, OIR 16-17, (or) OSS 16-17 (select your choice in pull down at top of page)
    • Personalization on the left side BOTTOM line at no additional cost.



      Each Lawdawgs 485 MP Co is personalized on the left slide, BOTTOM line at no additional cost. Do NOT select a personalization during checkout or you will be charged a fee.


      After receiving your order, we will be asking you for your specific wording to be engraved on the slide. The personalization parameters: The left slide is limited to one line and not more than 35 spaces.



      Please note, the “Order Delivery Time” referenced above, under the price, is NOT applicable to the “Group Order”. This Group Order is tentatively without a schedule for shipping. Please stay in contact with the coordinator in your Unit for updates.


      By law, we are required to ship the gun to a licensed dealer. Firearms are shipped to the Unit’s chosen designated transfer gun dealer (select your choice in pull down at top of page):


      Juggernaut Arms LLC

      240 Freeport Blvd Ste 2

      Sparks, NV 89431





      Gun Store, The

      2900 E Tropicana Ave

      Las Vegas, NV 89121



      Should you want to use a separate transfer gun dealer or one of the above dealers at a different time, it is your responsibility to let Historical Armory know about the change after placing your order.


      Anyone shipping to a separate dealer, or to the designated dealer outside of the group’s shipment period, will be charged $25 extra for shipping.


      Keep in mind most transfer gun dealers charge a fee to run a background check when you pick up the firearm. You should assume that your gun dealer would charge this fee. In addition, transfer dealers in some states are required to collect sales tax if it was not collected at the point of sale. We collect sales tax only if you are going to receive the rifle within Colorado.