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  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle buttstock
  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle h001
  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle h001 receiver
  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle h004
  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle h004 receiver
  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle h009b
  • firefighter 2015 engraved rifle h009b receiver

Firefighter/EMT Special Limited Edition Engraved Rifle

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    Historical Armory is proud to pay tribute each year to the American Firefighter. This edition theme is the "Firefighter/EMT." Through the years, our rifles have delighted firefighters with a high quality keepsake and helped departments raise desperately needed funds through local fundraising efforts. With our personalization program, our rifles have marked the years of service of a retiring firefighter, and sadly, honored the loss of others in the line of duty. Of all the editions we make, the annual Firefighter Edition is a project we always pour our hearts into. What comes from our efforts is a picture of how we and all Americans see you, The Authentic American Hero.

    Firefighter/EMTs are first responders to both fire and medical emergencies. They are often asked to face dangerous conditions on our behalf, fighting fires and saving lives - it's just what they do. Becoming a Firefighter/EMT is not easy; these heroes must portray courage, honor and strength. The key to success often lies in their analytical skills and the ability to diagnose medical emergencies with little or no time to think. Rigorous training allows them to care for people and treat injuries long before these patients are able to reach the emergency room. Working as a Firefighter/EMT can be stressful and strenuous, so we want to say thank you! Thank you for being On Call for Life!


    Renowned for their durability and solid construction, Henry rifles offer you a welcome shelter from the planned mechanical obsolescence so common in modern products these days. Well-maintained, they will continue to perform as designed for generations to come, perhaps even one day becoming a treasured family heirloom for your descendants. Start your own tradition of lasting permanence today with the Firefighter/EMT Engraved Rifle, available only from Historical Armory!

    This edition is limited to only 25 edition numbers per state on models H001, H004 Golden Boy .22 and the H009B 30-30, all made in America by Henry Repeating Arms Company. Your rifle will be engraved with original art depicting our "Firefighter/EMT" theme on the butt stock and both sides of the receiver. The fore stock will be engraved with your specific state on one side and "We Still Make House Calls" on the other.

    Each Firefighter/EMT Edition Rifle is available on the following American-made Henry Rifles:

    This edition features the following:

    • Detailed engraving on both sides of the American walnut forearm, with a state-specific banner on the right side and "We Still Make House Calls" in the banner on the left side.

    • The right side of the American walnut buttstock is engraved with an intricate, original piece of artwork that depicts the theme "Firefighter/EMT".

    • The left side of the American walnut buttstock is reserved for personalization, for an extra fee.

    • Finally, both sides of the receiver are engraved with elaborate artwork depicting the same theme. Each rifle is individually numbered on the receiver: 1 of 25, 2 of 25 and so on.

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