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Civil War 150th Anniversary 1865 Limited Edition Engraved Rifle

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The Civil War, for most Americans, began with romantic notions of victory and glory. However, by 1865 the massive casualty totals had touched every home and family; no glory could brighten the nation's darkened spirit. Union forces seemed to have endless supplies of soldiers and equipment, and Gen. Ulysses S. Grant utilized this advantage in a war of attrition. During the first few months of the year, the final battles were fought among two very tired armies. On April 9th, Gen. Robert E. Lee had no further options when he agreed to the terms of surrender Grant offered. They met cordially in the front parlor of the McLean house in the village of Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia. It was indeed the cordial meeting and terms that led to the surrender being called The Gentlemen's Agreement.

Within days of the surrender, the nation suffered the devastation of the first assassination of an American President. President Abraham Lincoln died on the morning of April 15th after being shot by an assassin during the prior evening at Ford's Theatre. By May of 1865 all forces of the Confederate States had ceased to fight and the American Civil War was over.

In honor of the Civil War's final year, Historical Armory proudly presents the Civil War 150th Anniversary 1865 Limited Edition Rifle, available on the affordable, American-made Henry H001, H004 Golden Boy, and H009BG .30/30 rifles.

Each Union and Confederate State (including the Cherokee Nation) will have its own unique Civil War 150th Anniversary edition, so ACT NOW, because the 1865 edition size is limited to 150 rifles per state. Purchase the H001, H004, or H009BG separately, or all the rifles together for a complete limited edition set!

Our 1861-1864 limited editions are still available, although supplies are limited. Order now and own original artwork inspired by the brave soldiers, daring generals, and devastating battles of the bloodiest war in American history.


Renowned for their durability and solid construction, Henry rifles offer you a welcome shelter from the planned mechanical obsolescence so common in modern products these days. Well-maintained, they will continue to perform as designed for generations to come, perhaps even one day becoming a treasured family heirloom for your descendants. Start your own tradition of lasting permanence today with the Civil War 150th Anniversary 1865 Limited Edition Engraved Rifle Engraved Rifle, available only from Historical Armory!

Each Civil War Historical Edition Rifle is available on the following American-made Henry Rifles:

This edition features the following:

  • Detailed engraving on both sides of the American walnut forearm, with the Civil War 150th Anniversary dates on the right side and a Union or Confederate state-specific banner on the left side.

  • The right side of the American walnut buttstock is engraved with an intricate, original piece of artwork portraying General Lee's surrender at the McLean house, while the left side of the buttstock is reserved for custom personalization.

  • The right side of the receiver is engraved with banners depicting the names and dates of the most significant battles and events of 1865, while the left side features a custom montage of familiar elements and equipment from the Civil War, including battle flags, assorted weapons, even a locomotive! Each rifle is individually numbered on the left side of the receiver: 1 of 150, 2 of 150, and so on.