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  • alaska state engraved rifle buttstock
  • alaska state engraved rifle h001t
  • alaska state engraved rifle h001t receiver
  • alaska state engraved rifle h004
  • alaska state engraved rifle h004 receiver

Alaska State Pride Engraved Rifle

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    In honor of your state's rich historical legacy, Historical Armory is proud to present the Alaska State Pride Historical Edition Rifle! Produced on the affordable, American-made Henry .22 LR rifle (Model #H001T & H004) and .30/30 (Model # H009B, not pictured), the Alaska State Pride Historical Edition rifle combines meticulous research, original artwork, and finely detailed engraving to celebrate the history of the State of Alaska. ACT NOW, because there will only be 1000 Alaska State Pride Henry rifles engraved in each model by Historical Armory! Purchase either model separately or both rifles for a complete limited edition set.


    Renowned for their durability and solid construction, Henry rifles offer you a welcome shelter from the planned mechanical obsolescence so common in modern products these days. Well-maintained, they will continue to perform as designed for generations to come, perhaps even one day becoming a treasured family heirloom for your descendants. Start your own tradition of lasting permanence today with the Alaska State Pride Engraved Rifle, available only from Historical Armory!

    Each State Pride Historical Edition Rifle is available on the following American-made Henry Rifles:

    This edition features the following:

    • Detailed engraving on both sides of the American walnut forearm, with the name and establishment date of your state on the right side and your state nickname on the left side.
    • The right side of the American walnut buttstock is engraved with an intricate, original piece of artwork that captures the unique history of your state, while the left side is reserved for custom personalization.
    • Finally, both sides of the receiver are engraved with an elaborate scroll and banner pattern featuring names and dates from Alaska's rich history. Each rifle is individually numbered on the left side of the receiver 1 of 1000, 2 of 1000 and so on.