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  • We'll Do It 1-148th

We'll Do It 1-148th

THIS IS A PRIVATE EDITION. To check on the availability of this edition, please call 1-877-484-0179.

  • In honor of you who protect our nation and serve with pride, Historical Armory, Inc. is extremely proud to present the We'll Do It 1-148th Edition.  



    Each We'll Do It 1-148th Edition rifle features the following:
    • Detailed engraving on both sides of the receiver.
    • Personalization on the left side of receiver at no additional cost.



    Each We'll Do It 1-148th Edition is personalized on the left receiver at no additional cost. Do NOT select a personalization during checkout or you will be charged a fee.


    After receiving your order, we will be asking you for your specific wording to be engraved on the receiver.  The personalization parameters:  It can be up to three (3) lines, limited to twenty (20) spaces per line.



    By law, we are required to ship the gun to a licensed gun dealer. Firearms ship FREE within the contiguous United States. Should the shipping destination be Alaska or Hawaii, an extra charge will be due after you place an order.


    After receiving your order, we will be asking you for the transfer gun dealer you plan to use. If needed, after you place the order, we can assist you in arranging for a transfer gun dealer.


    Historical Armory is willing to hold your firearm for shipment until you are stateside and able to receive the firearm for transfer. It is your responsibility to communicate such a request to Historical Armory.


    Keep in mind most transfer gun dealers charge a fee to run a background check when you pick up the firearm. You should assume that your gun dealer would charge this fee. In addition, transfer dealers in some states are required to collect sales tax if it was not collected at the point of sale. We collect sales tax only if you are going to receive the rifle within Colorado.

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